It starts with an idea.


You have a great idea, but what happens next? At Classic Craftsmen, LLC, we know that this is a big deal. You will enjoy the process and the experience, because we have perfected the way we run our business.

We have a detailed conversation.

In our initial meeting, we run through all of your hopes and dreams. By knowing your "best case scenario" and dream wish list, we can truly understand who you are and what you like.

We design something specifically for you.

We come back to you with a design and an initial proposal that details options and pricing for your project. Some options will be discarded, while others will be embraced. It is all about your taste, style, and budget. Back to the drawing board . . .

Now we really getting close.

At this point, hopefully, we are getting down to the details. You will be presented with a detailed Proposal with Allowances for all customer selected items. We will agree on the proposal and pricing, and a Contract will drafted.

We are under contract.

Once we have drafted a contract, a ten percent fee will be charged to secure our services. 25 percent will be due on the first day of the project. We will be very detailed about when draws are due, how change orders are processed, and on our schedule.

You will be in the loop.

Changes occur . . . we know what a renovation project is like. This is our business. You will be notified of any delays, changes, and unforeseen issues as they arrive, and we will discuss any possible implication to the project budget immediately. Rest assured that we are known for our tight adherence to our proposal. Yes, changes occur, but we predict most of them.

You enjoy your project.

This isn't like you imagined. Yes, there may be disruptions to your daily life, we are in your home after all, but you will enjoy the process. We make sure that you feel comfortable and barely know we are in your home. You can rest assured that every night we have left your little sanctuary clean and intact.

You look forward to our next project.

By the time we have finished, you will already be thinking about what else you would like to do to your home. It is just that easy. We love your home as much as you do, and we want it to be perfect! Your bill is as you expected, and we part amiably - for the time being. Down the road, you will not hesitate to call us, or refer us to you friends, for future projects,